Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gravel Ride For Maisie's Pride will be May 10th, 2014, at 0700. The long course is longer and more grueling, at around 100 miles. We'll also offer registration for a 50ish mile loop, as well as 20 and 35 mile options. Registration will open on January 31st, Maisie's birthday. In honor of Maisie's birthday, I have a a deal for you. For the first 24 hours registration is open, registration will be $25.00. Can you believe this? $25 for 24. Tandem teams will only be $50.00! Registration will open at 12:01, January 31st. After 24 hours, registration will be $40.00. That's still a great price, but not as good as $25.00

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